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About our Fetish

Q: Just what is 'Blueberry Fetish'?

A genre of expansionism, berrification is a fantasy fetish in which a female (and less commonly a male) turns blue, fills up with blueberry juice until they become spherical, and basically transforms into a human blueberry.

Q: Where did this come from? Why blueberries in particular?

Blueberry fetishism draws its roots from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, where the character Violet Beauregarde transforms into a giant blueberry after chewing a fantastical piece of gum which contains a full three-course meal - the problem being in the dessert, with the blueberry pie.

Q: What do we find sexual about blueberry transformation?
  • Inflation/Expansion:The victim filling up with juices.
  • Transformation: Visible symptoms of the berrification's progress such as a blue hue creeping across the skin, and the body expanding and rounding out.
  • Breasts/Butt: Often sexual characteristics are the first to swell with juices and become exaggerated by expansion.
  • Humiliation/bondage: The victim's helplessness in stopping the transformation, decreased mobility as the expansion progresses, and/or humiliation at being seen in the nude or in a bizarre inflated state.
  • Sensation/stimulation: The victim feeling too full with juices and pressure and needing a form of release in being juiced.
  • Lactation/arousal: The victim leaking blueberry juice from nipples or elsewhere.




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